DanceLink’s work seeks to bridge people, ideas, and understanding through the power of movement.  

Conceived and directed by Sarah Carlson, DanceLink understands the body to be the seat of memory, emotion, complex thinking and deep belief that words cannot always express. Whether working with experienced dancers or novice movers, DanceLink engages a process that strives to use the wisdom of the body to unpack the big questions, often spiritual in nature.

A blend of movement, stillness, stories, and play, DanceLink projects can take a variety of forms including creative movement, community-based workshops, master classes, or proscenium and site-specific performance. DanceLink exists to promote community and communicate profoundly through the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional instrument of the body.

Sarah Carlson/DanceLink  Contact:  (610) 653-4182

DanceLink: Connecting Art, Community & Life